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Dancing for the JOY of it!

The Full Story

Do you feel joy when you hear great music? Does it make you tap your feet, or sing along, or both? Did you know that dancing in rhythm to that music will boost the level of happy molecules in your brain, and may bring on all sorts of mental and physical benefits? Dancing with others in sync to the music is one of the best ways to boost brain power and prevent dementia, including Alzheimer’s.  It makes you feel more hopeful, courageous, and cooperative. And best of all, just by learning a few basic dance moves, you can experience immediately an elevated sense of well-being and joy that comes from increased levels of happy hormones.


Our dance classes focus on getting everyone to enjoy themselves while learning new skills. Whether it is learning a country line dance, a Latin mixer, or a club-dance with one partner at a time, we teach to the skill level of each student. We have well over 50 years of combined motor skill teaching experience, which has resulted in plenty of patience and clever ways to motivate learning.  Enjoyment is enhanced by an increase in confidence, and we use effective teaching skills wrapped in plenty of care, kindness and joy to build competence and confidence. Seriously, our goal IS the JOY!  So join us in the fun and learn how to use dance as a tool to boost happiness and joyfulness in your life!

Meet Catrina

My name is Cathrine (Catrina) Himberg, and I am in my 26th year as a professor of Kinesiology at Chico State. I have a doctorate (PhD) in Sport Pedagogy, - the art and science of teaching and learning movement. I was born and raised in Norway, where I first learned to Cha-Cha at age 4, and I have loved dance since then. I enjoy many forms of dance, but find ballroom/social dancing most joyful. I am a certified yoga teacher, and have taught dance and yoga classes at Chico State, Butte College, Virginia Tech, in K-12 schools, at conferences, workshops, town-square parties, and retreats/resorts for the past 30 years.


I  love discussing the physical and mental health benefits of exercise, -especially dance, with my students, as well as sharing the JOY of moving to music. The greatest reward to teaching dance is seeing confidence increase as my students are learning. I have plenty of experience proving people wrong when they say they have “no rhythm”, “two left feet”, and “cannot dance”. In fact I love that challenge!

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