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8 Minute Breathing Exercise For Stress and Anxiety

Take 8 minutes to focus on you. This breathing exercise will help you let go of the repeating thoughts in your head as you focus on bringing positive energy in.

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Yoga For Beginners: Breaking it Down: Warrior II

Warrior II is a Power Pose. Here are the reasons you should do it daily:

  • Strengthens and stretches your legs, ankles and feet

  • Stretches your hips, groins and shoulders

  • Opens your chest and lungs

  • Builds stamina and concentration

  • Energizes tired limbs

  • Stimulates your abdominal organs

  • Helps relieve backache

  • Develops balance and stability

  • Improves circulation and respiration

  • Therapeutic for flat feet, sciatica, osteoporosis, carpal tunnel and infertility

Adapted Yoga

This is a two part yoga practice starting in a chair then moving to the mat. The focus is on slow mindful movement with breath. A wonderful and refreshing practice to align the mind and body. Embrace your current mood, trust yourself and connect. Enjoy this time for yourself! You deserve it.

Yoga for Core Strength and Balance

This 20 minute Core and Balanced focused class will leave you with just the right amount of burn! With the 5 minute Shavasana at the end you will have the strength, energy and balance to have an AWESOME day!

Yoga to Boost Energy

This 15 minute energy boosting practice will have you feeling grounded and ready to take on the day! Great to get you out of that mid-day slump!

Yoga For Beginners: Breaking it Down- Mountain Pose/Tadasana

Take the time to find your alignment in Tadasana. Mountain pose is the base of all asana practice. You will notice significant difference in your yoga practice once you have mastered Tadasana. Benefits of Mountain Pose:

  • Improves posture.

  • Strengthens thighs, knees, and ankles.

  • Firms abdomen and buttocks.

  • Relieves sciatica.

  • Reduces flat feet.

Post Hike Yoga

Whether you are hiking to the top of Mt. Whitney or around the block, yoga should be a part of your hike!

Be mindful about each step you take on the trail. What do you see? What do you hear? What do you feel and smell?

Soak in the beauty of nature around you... Let it heal you.

Take care of your body after that hike with this short yoga practice. You will reflect on your journey and treat your body to the mobility and stretch it needs after working so hard for you.

Yoga for Stress and Anxiety

Yoga for stress and anxiety is the perfect way to calm your body and mind. This practice is designed for the tired body and busy mind. Take 20 minutes to refuel and get back on track!

Wake up With Gratitude

Start your morning out right as you follow this 15 minute slow and gentle yoga practice. wake it up, shake it out, and have a beautiful day!

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