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Hi, My name is Carli Ross and I am the founder of Carli B Yoga. I am a lifelong learner of kinesthetics. I have my Masters in Kinesiology, an Adapted Physical Education teaching credential, and have been teaching for over 15 years. I am an athlete and certified Yoga Instructor. My goal as an educator has been to help your body and mind connect. I incorporate a variety of traditional practices in movement, breath, and meditation to help each student practice their own unique form of yoga. Are you ready to make a positive change in your lifestyle? Contact Me.

You are a Warrior

You are a warrior! My goal is to evolve and balance the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health of all students. To allow you to let go of judgement, expectations, and comparison so you are able to focus on YOUR own path of self discovery. With a new lifestyle forced upon us all, we need to dedicate a place and time for mindfulness and movement.  With a non-dogmatic approach I will give you the knowledge and freedom to experience the possibilities of personal growth at your pace, using asanas as a tool to serve the body, mind and spirit.


Goals vs. Lifestyles

Yoga is union. Connecting mindfulness, meditation and movement. So many people hear the word yoga and think of flexibility and asana practice. They create a goal like accomplishing the handstand or touching their toes... but what happens when they reach that goal? Most people move on towards another finish line. Yoga is not a goal, it is a lifelong process of learning and enriching the quality of our everyday life. Goals have their place, giving us energy as they move us forward. They also give us direction and motivation to achieve, but focusing excessively on goals will take us out of practice and out of the moment. Open yourself to the joy and freedom to live in the moment.


Contact Me

Carli B Yoga
Carli Ross
Chico, CA. USA
  • @mindfulwarrioryogi
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